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This is a tiny sample of IRS approved deductions for truck drivers. Feel free to stop in to discuss your specific situation with us.


  • Telephone or Internet Access Fees:
  • Subscriptions to Trucking-Related Publications: Because these publications often discuss new regulations and information relevant to the field, the IRS allows drivers to deduct their full cost.
  • Load Board Fees
  • Association Dues:
  • Medical Examinations for DOT physical.
  • Licensing Fees:
  • Travel Expenses: This category of deduction is broad. Expenses a driver incurs while on the road and working are deductible. This includes transportation to and from meals or lodging as well as any tips paid. It also includes the costs of postage for any mailings required to be sent from the driver's on-road location to their employer. Toll booth payments and truck parking costs are included in this category.
  • Per-Diem Meal Costs:
  • Truck Maintenance Costs: Expenses associated with truck maintenance and cleaning are deductible regardless of whether the driver leases or owns the truck or works for an employer. This deduction includes: batteries, tires, sponges, cleaning supplies, CB repairs, truck parts and repairs.
  • Fuel:
  • Personal Necessities: Personal items a driver requires to work on the road are deductible. These include: flashlights, binders, calculators, overalls or other specialized clothing, luggage, log book papers, coolers for food, gloves and sunglasses.